A pinch from Modigliani, a close relationship with Max Ernst, keeping his childhood soul in a shell, Barbette takes refuge in an universe full of hybrid beings of plant, glass, stainless steel. Barbette's faces "Douelle'men" are born without conscious guidance, partially driven by the subconscious. Barbette fascinated by the magic symbolism of his work, lets the flood of creation free to shape, to carve figures moving us by their innocence, an aestheticism, a strange fluidity and transparency.
Barbette, a satrap from the Pataphysics College or hero of Hergé "Explorers on the Moon" : we are snatched by an emotion which brings back us to our tender age. Barbette plays a game of hide-and-seek, masks his mastering with an offbeat humor where the absurdity, the melancholy are mingled with a touch of madness. You will get a particular and singular blood tie with this artist because all his creations are "uniques" and signed with his own hands. As he likes to say : too serious you are, go away !!"